Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bobby Pins!!!

A favourite accessory of mine!  Earlier this week, I was doing my hair and I just wanted to get it off my face and my neck and I wanted to look cute and effortless.  A few well placed bobby pins and I was done!  Although there is also something to be said for good quality hairspray.  The humble bobby pin has been around for a long time and has been credited for many famous hairdos.  It has been portrayed in films as the magic item that can hold an entire bun in place for 5 days then break-in to the back door in seconds.  One can only imagine what MacGyver could do with one.
I wonder if you can really pick a lock with a hair pin?
Anyway, that's the favourite of the week!  Whether it's a glam-do for a night out on the town, a messy bun for work or holding back the locks while you are touching up the make up, a good quality bobby pin (and maybe a few of its mates) are a girl's best friend!
But be warned: 1. Don't skimp or you might as well put twigs in your hair, this is one item where, even I (cheapskate queen), must purchase quality. 2. They are precious and have a habit of "disappearing" under the bed, between the couch cushions and at the bottom of your hand bag.  You paid good money for these magical little treasures, take care of them.  3. Lastly, like all hair accessories, they will always match your hairspray!

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