Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday again... Physio

Another Thursday rolls around and so comes another person to thank. This will be short, I promise!

The Physio... or more specifically my physio is a wonderful person.  As we count the final days of the year most of us are planning parties or reviewing the year's events.  This year it has been obvious to most people that I spend a great deal of my time and money at the physio.  I am sincerely grateful for the fabulous physio that has been treating me this year.  While I certainly pay good money for it,  I appreciate the excellent level of care that I receive when I visit her.  Of course everyone knows I'm her favourite patient ;)
She is an absolute angel.  She knows lots of stuff and she reads (I think even more than me) and she is very gentle.  This  (my friends) is the highest praise a physio can receive.  She is gentle and caring, a great listener and gives me advice without telling me what to do.  I love her to bits and I have to admit, it may be her fault I'm a physio junkie! 

I thank God everyday for the excellent medical care and advice that I have access to, and the wonderful people who deliver it.  

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