Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Modern Day Psalm

FYI: A psalm is a written prayer.  It might be lyrics set to music.  It might be verse or prose.  I think of psalms as letters to God.  When I write one, I think of it as an opportunity to tell my greatest best friend how much I love Him.  I wrote this particular one as a "homework project" during Senior Soldiership Classes (to become a member of the Salvation Army).  We had just finished studying a "picture" of God, as described in the Bible. 

Heavenly Father,
How great You are!
Creator and Provider. 
You know my every need and bless me in abundance.
Your word gives me peace.

Jesus, Risen Saviour,
Teacher and Friend.
Thank you for Your unltimate sacrifice. 
Thankyou for Your eternal love.

Holy Spirit,
Comforter and Counsellor.
You breathe strength into my soul and guide me everyday.
You find me in my joy and in my sorrow.

Your grace, Lord, washes over me and brings me to Your feet.
I rest in the knowledge of You. 

I am in awe of Your creation, provision and grace.
My heart fills with Joy!

My words can not describe Your majesty or tell of my gratitude. 
You Lord, are truly God!

I wrote this for me and My Lord, but I hope that it blessed you too.  
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