Tuesday, December 14, 2010

GGM- "It's gonna be a thing."

How I Met Your Mother fans, you would be familiar with this phrase (It's gonna be a thing).  It is a hallmark Barney saying, which he uses whenever he makes up some sort of rule for the "dating world."  The most well known of these is the "Lemon Law."  For the people who don't watch How I Met Your Mother I'm not going to explain it to you, because it really isn't relevant to my story! 

But hang in there, I will get to the point eventually!

My 5 year old nephew ( AKA: number 4) has a particular saying which I am sure he must have picked up at Day Care.  It is the cutest thing you have ever heard.  He says "Goodness Gracious" and sometimes he adds on the "me."  He uses it in context quite skillfully and even has the perfect tone to his voice when it erupts from his mouth!  For example: The other day my sister and I were driving into the city with all the kids (numbers 1-6) which you can imagine was rather noisy! So in an effort to keep them occupied and quiet we told them to look out the window and count the cars.  Number 4 pipes up from way at the back of the bus, "Goodness Gracious!"

You are still wondering, aren't you? We are nearly there, I promise! 

My BFF and I truly dislike it (hate is such a strong word) when people use the OMG abbreviation.  For those who are not familiar with "text language" it means "Oh My God."  We don't like that at all!  So I am proposing that we start using: GGM instead.  It means "Goodness Gracious Me!" and I think it is much more appropriate for us special people who don't like swearing.

So get texting people, and just wait, "It's gonna be a thing!"

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