Friday, June 8, 2018

More Card Making Fun

I've been really loving sitting down at the craft table (AKA the dining room table) and stamping to my hearts desire.  I can whip up a card fairly quickly these days and I love making a batch of cards with the same or similar design and having a bunch in a box ready to use when I need them.  I still like to make single cards with specific people in mind but the batches of cards make me feel really accomplished and they really don't take much longer than making one card of the same design.  

My batch card making has been inspired by Catherine Pooler, Justine Hovey and Jennifer McGuire. Click on the names of each stamper listed and you will be taken to one of their many You Tube videos with techniques for making a bunch of cards all at once and having them on hand for when you need them.  Check out some of my card sets below. 

Set #1 Let's Eat Cake! 

Patterned paper, a fun sentiment from MFT, some sequins and stickers. 
I just changed the sentiment strip for a bit of variety.  So quick and easy! 

Set #2 A Note To Say

This card came about quite by accident.  I planned to make one card, which I did.  When I realised how quick and easy it was, I decided to make a whole bunch of them.  Now I have a big stash of cards that will be good for almost any occasion!  They are a great for masculine cards too! 

I used one leaf stamp and my stamping positioning tool
to stamp in the same place on every card. Then I turned the leaf 
and repeated it with a different colour of ink.  
A simple sentiment and I was done. 

Set #3 Awesome

I made two of these cards but for some reason I only photographed one of them.  Can I get a "Woot, Woot" for that Doodle Garden Background Stamp from Catherine Pooler? Swoon! 


I don't know if this is a technique or a tip.  When I make water colour backgrounds I use a large piece of water colour card stock so I can trim down the best part.  If it all looks good, I can cut it in half and make two cards.  When I try new techniques or I just want to play with new stamps, I keep the bits and pieces in a folder on my table.  I have been challenging myself lately, to pull out my "left over" technique pieces or scraps from other projects and use them to make a card.  Here a few things I have created using the scraps on my table.  
I made this background when I was cleaning up from making a stencilled background.
Gotta love the 'Awesome' hand lettered die also from Catherine Pooler.

I cut out the butterfly on this cardstock and kept the negative space. 
The background was left over from some experimenting for a card I made last year. 
It didn't take much work to pull this into a card.  

The water colour background was just a bit of an experiment. 
The just for you was a scrap from stamping out a new sentiment stamp set
from My Favourite Things.

I made this background when I was making a wedding card.  
I couldn't use it for the card because it had some nasty smudges on it. 
Trimming it down, made it perfect for this style of card.  :) 
The sentiment is from My Favourite Things. 

Not Bad, right? 

If you are a crafter, tell me in the comments what you do with your left overs/ scraps? How do you store them? Do you used them right away or do you have a pile of them that you hold onto forever?! 

Can't wait to share more with you next week!