Friday, June 1, 2018

Goal Update May 2018

Hi Everyone, 
I can't believe it's 1 June!!! It's been about a month since we checked in on my goals list, so time to hold the mirror up and see how it's all going. Just in case you need to be reminded, here are my 2018 goals. 

Prioritise my evening routine and sleep pattern 

The sleep pattern is definitely at the top of my priority list.  It's not going so well lately.  I have been waking up during the night and finding it very hard to get back to sleep.  I think this might be related to the stress at work. I'm trying some different things to improve this. My evening routine still needs a lot of work, although I am starting to get ready for bed much earlier than I used to with the idea that I will use some of that extra time to complete everything in the routine.  I'm thinking about making a checklist of all the things I need to do before I lay down to sleep.  Sometimes,  I lay down and remember 5 things I wanted to do before going to bed and I'm so comfortable I don't want to get up.  Need more research. 

Stop drinking soft drinks

I have nailed this one!  I have had one or two soft drinks this year (on very special occasions) but mostly, I don't even miss it.  I just drink water and occasionally have a cup of tea.  I was drinking a lot of juice but I have cut back on that too.  :) 

Complete a Bible Activity and Pray everyday

So I broke 90 days on my tracking app and kept going.  I continue to read my Bible everyday, even if it is only one verse and I reflect on that.  I have missed a day here and there.  Praying everyday was never really an issue for me.  Reading my Bible was the thing I struggled to do daily.  Now that I do this everyday, I don't understand why I struggled so much. I will admit, there are days when reading is the last thing I want to do... reading anything!  However, reading my Bible daily is a habit so even if I miss a day it is easier to get back to it the next day. It means more than an empty exercise as well, which helps.   


For the last two weeks, I have been stretching nearly everyday. This is helping too. I'm finding it hard to stay on track with this goal and to do this as prevention rather than a reaction to feeling yuck.  Sometimes stretching makes me feel more yuck. Finding the stretching sweet spot is difficult when it's not the same everyday. :/

That's that, then.

On another note... 

I have started walking 4 days a week.  I try for 5 days, but my goal is 4 days.  I know that 4 days a week is manageable and realistic.  It's not hard to find time on the weekend to walk and I walk on Wednesday (which is my day off).  Finding time on the other days (getting home from work before dark is a challenge) is a bit tricky, but I'm doing okay so far.  I'm trying to work out what I can do at home (maybe an aerobic workout DVD) on those days so I can keep active and avoid rain or walking in the dark.  The doctor believes more aerobic activity will help me sleep better, so I'm willing to try anything at this point!
Okay, now I'm done! :)