Friday, April 13, 2018

Crafty Technique of the Month: CASEing

CASE means Copy And Share Everything!

I have blogged about CASEing in the past.  Check it out here. The best way to learn about card making and get better at it is to watch and learn from others, then copy.  Pinterest is my best friend when it comes to card making and so is You Tube.  I have learned so much about craft techniques and design  in such a short time all from watching videos and looking at pictures.  

Today I want to share some tips with you for CASEing cards you have seen online.  CASEing is a great way to kick start your crafting and get creative.  

CASEing Tips

  • Copy: Don't be afraid to copy colour schemes, layouts, sentiments or an entire design.  Each time you reproduce a card you have seen you will learn something new about creating. 
  • Adapt: you might not have the same stamp sets that were used to create the cards you see and love. So, look at what you have and think about how you can create something similar or how you can copy the elements.

A gorgeous card using the Love Is in the Air SOA

I CASE'd Ashlea's Card by
changing the gold embossing to purple (colour and medium)
I used a smaller card base, so I used less flowers (layout) and
I used a different sentiment (theme). 
I also added a border (line) and
ink blending (medium) to round out the scene.  
Design elements include colour, layout, shapes, lines, theme and sentiments so choose which elements you want to copy and which you will need to adapt.
  • Medium: if the card uses strips of card stock you could use washi tape instead or border stamps.  The card uses a background stamp you could use patterned paper instead.  The card uses heat embossing, can you use an embossing folder instead?  This is a great way to stretch your supplies too.
  • Colour:  copy everything but change the colours.  If the original card has been made in blue and green, try making the same card with pink and purple instead.  See what happens.  Yellow and blue look great but what if the yellow was orange? Change all the colours or just one.  
  • Layout: use all the same elements while changing the layout.  Just changing the orientation of a card (landscape to portrait) can make a card look really different. You could also change a vertical border to a horizontal one or a diagonal sentiment to a straight one. 
  • Shapes and Lines: Change flowers to basic shapes or stars.  Balloons on a birthday card could be changed to flowers, stars, circles or even squares or triangles.  A border stamp of lines could be replaced with a border of small shapes. 
  • Theme: a thank you card can easily be changed into a birthday card by changing the main image. A feminine card can be more masculine by changing the patterned paper or the colour scheme.  
People share photos of their cards for many reasons and this usually includes pride in their work.  I have to say, I would be really excited to see a card someone has made that was inspired by a photo they saw of one of my cards.  People who make cards are sharers.  So, don't feel bad about copying, do it with gratitude and acknowledge the person who inspired you.  Link back to their blog, video or other social media where you saw the card if you publish your work on your own blog or social media.  

Have a wonderful week. See you soon.