Friday, April 20, 2018

Checking In

Let's do a quick recap of the goals today.

The Action Plan looks like this...
  • Prioritise my evening routine and sleep pattern.
  • Stop drinking soft drinks.  I gave up ice cream (except for special occasions) last year and I am 3 days into my soft drink fast. I can do this! It's easier to drink 2L of water everyday if you reduce the amount of other fluids you put into your body!  This will also help me to lose a bit of weight. 
  • Complete a Bible activity and Pray everyday. 
  • Stretch. 

Let's talk about each point...

Prioritise my evening routine and sleep pattern

The sleep pattern is definitely at the top of my priority list.  My evening routine still needs a lot of work.  I'm getting there, though and it's heaps better than last year.

Stop drinking soft drinks

I had a lemonade on the holidays. This is the first soft drink I have had in more than 3 months.  I haven't felt any need to have more soft drink since then.  I feel like I have reached this goal. Perhaps it would be better to focus on drinking 2L of water everyday.  This is especially important as we head into the winter months.  When it is cooler, I don't automatically drink lots of water because I'm not as hot. This goal needs tweaking to be more relevant now that I've reached my goal.  

Complete a Bible Activity and Pray everyday

My tracking app says day 78.  That means that I have accessed my Bible App 78 days in a row!  My goal is to get up to 90 days in a row and keep going. I'm nearly there! :) I am really feeling a difference in how I feel and my behaviour as a result of the time I spend using the Bible, talking to God and meditating on Him.  This goal is 'reached' but I will continue to track my daily habit so I can keep it up.  Working towards this goal has been so rewarding! 


I'm doing okay on this goal.  At least for the last two weeks, I have been stretching everyday. This is helping too. I'm finding it hard to stay on track with this goal and to do this as prevention rather than reaction to feeling tight and sore.  

That's that then. 

Next Week: Mothers Day Gift Guide and Cards!