Friday, February 2, 2018

Best of AGT: Flashback to a Funny Story

I was perusing the archives in search of a blog post from way back in 2011. While doing that, I stumbled upon the story below... it made me giggle.  The kid in the story is 17 now!!!

This was originally published on A Great Title on May 21, 2011.  I hope you get a grin out of it too.

Mr 11 came over to our place.  I was helping him with a project.  As we were sitting at the table colouring in or cutting out (I can't remember), Mr 11 politely asked, "can I please have a soda?"  He has apparently decided that he is American... an unfortunate illness I am trying to cure. "Sorry, no,  there is no soft drink in the house at all" I said simply.  He stared at me in surprise, his accusing eyes shifted towards the fridge as if he thought I was lying.  I looked at the BFF then back at 11 and said, "I'm telling the truth.  There is no soft drink in the house at all."
"Oh," he conceded, "what about some chocolate?"
"No, there is no chocolate either," I replied.  At this; the poor kid looked up at me and I thought his eyes were going to fall out of his head as he asked, "why?"
The BFF and I looked at each other and she said, "I am too lazy to go grocery shopping."
I followed this up with, "and I'm poor because I haven't been paid."
Mr 11 considered this for a moment, then, with great concern he asked, "if there is no chocolate and no soda, how have you been surviving?"
LOL :)

Next Week: cards!!! :)