Thursday, January 25, 2018

Sleep: why it's important and yawn...

Sleep is important. I'm not going to tell you that on average, when we die, we will have spent about half of our life time sleeping (or something like that).  I 'm not going to give you a bunch of statistics or quote a bunch of doctors who are experts on sleep.  You can get that from plenty of other sites on the internet.  If you are looking for that kind of thing, check out these links:

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Today, I'm going to tell you that sleep is important and I know this from experience.  I think most of us know from experience that getting a good night's sleep is the best thing ever to happen in your adult life! Am I right? A bad night's sleep ruins your entire day!  You are groggy, cranky, sluggish and maybe even achy.  You might get a headache, feel like your asleep on your feet, get hungrier than usual and struggle to think clearly.  A late night, a broken sleep, an early morning or a sleepless night can all wreak havoc with our bodies and minds.  Those poor parents of babies and toddlers.  Imagine how much fun they must be when they aren't perpetually tired and sleeping on the floor beside their baby's crib.

One reason I'm glad I don't have any kids!!!

If you are a parent of babies, toddlers and even pre-teens, this blog post will probably just make you a bit cranky... like "that chick needs to live my life for a week and then she can complain about lack of sleep!" kind of cranky.  So, maybe you should click on through and come back next week.  If you are still interested, let's get down to it...

I'm tired!  I have found that it is important for me to have a regular sleep pattern and a sleep routine.  When they are compromised or simply don't happen, it makes life almost unbearable!  Not only do I feel tired and cranky or have trouble concentrating, it takes me a long time to right the ship.  That is, getting back into the routine and regulating my sleep pattern again is difficult! Down right, Rocket Surgery! (That's a combination of rocket science and brain surgery, the two things that are considered the most brain bending, mind melting areas of thought and activity.  These are two things that require genius levels of intelligence and an awful lot of education to be able to do).

At the end of the day, most of the time, I choose to say 'good night' instead of risk the long term pain (yes, sometimes there is pain) caused by a late night.  My friends and family understand. If they don't, understand, I do my best to explain and then I move on.  If they can't deal with the fact that my awesomeness is only a result of a good night's sleep, that's their issue.

So, why am I having a whinge?  I can't remember.  I'm too tired to tell you. 

See you next week... if I'm not napping!