Friday, October 20, 2017

Scripture Typer: An Impartial Review

Let me begin by saying: I am not associated with the Scripture Typer Application in any way.  I have not been paid for this review and I won't be paid for it in the future.  This is entirely my own opinion.

In April, I bought a new phone and when I downloaded my Bible app (I love my Bible app) the Google store suggested some other apps, including some scripture memorisation apps.  This is when I found, Scripture Typer.

AGT regulars will know that I am working hard at reaching somgoals this year and blogging about it every month has been helping me stay on track.  One of my goals is: "Learn 12 scripture passages by heart."  I started out this year by writing out the verses of scripture I wanted to learn and reading it everyday as well as using the old spelling strategy: Look, Say, Cover, Write/ Recite, Check.  So, I can honestly say that Scripture Typer has changed my life!

Here are 10 of the great things you can do with Scripture Typer:
1. Access Scripture Typer on your computer (an excellent website) or you can download the app to any electronic device as it's available in the Google Play Store or the App store.
2. Import the text of scripture passages from 10 different translations including NIV, NKJ, ERV and ESV.
3. Search by scripture reference or theme.
4. Memorise collections of verses (already compiled) by theme or Book of the Bible.
5. Create your own collection/s of verses, organised how you want.
6. Divide longer scripture passages into individual verses to make them easier to learn and then combine them when you have mastered them.
7. Sketch prompts which appear on your screen with the Scripture reference before you type in the Scripture from Memory.
8. If you have the PRO version you can record yourself reading the text aloud and listen to it when working on memorising the scripture.
9. Share (brag about) your success on social media as well as create groups of friends who can support each other while working to memorise the same scriptures.
10.  Track your progress as you learn each scripture passage and add new goals to your collections.

I have the FREE version of Scripture Typer and it does everything I need.  PRO users can register for an account which syncs everything to the cloud so you can access your collections and progress on any device at any time.  It's as easy as creating a username and password.

Scripture Typer also features an excellent memorisation program. Once your verses are imported to your collection, you simply follow the review tasks each time you open the app and before you know it you will be reciting scripture better than ever.
1. Type It: The verse appears on the screen and you type into your device as you read.
2. Memorise It: The verse appears on the screen, but with gaps, and you type the whole text into your device.
3. Master It: the Bible reference appears on the screen and you can type the verse from memory.

Through all of these steps in the program, Scripture Typer gives you feedback on errors and gives you an accuracy percentage when you finish.  You get a point every time you review a verse.  One of the things I love about Scripture Typer... in case you doubted how much I loved it already... The program tells you how often you should review the verse in order to increase your retention.  Once you get a 100% accuracy on the "Master It" step, the program will tell you that you have mastered the verse and you should review it every 2 days.  After two repetitions every 2 days, the program tells you to review that verse weekly, then fortnightly, monthly etc.  This keeps track of each of the verses in the collection so you can review one verse daily while reviewing other verses every six months.  You can revisit verses as often as you like and continue to receive points.

This app really has taken my memorisation and made it so much easier for me.  I can review verses at home, in bed, on the train, even at work on my break (when I get one).  Scripture Typer has not only helped me reach my goal of memorising 12 scripture verses this year, but I have surpassed it, "mastering" 15 verses.  I plan to continue working on these 15 verses and reviewing them weekly (even though some of them don't need to be reviewed for 6 months) until the end of the year.  Next year I will create a new collection of verses to memorise over the year.

If you are looking for a memorisation app, I would definitely recommend Scripture Typer!!