Saturday, June 3, 2017

Party Central

This week our house has turned into Party Central.... and I don't mean we are entertaining friends every night, eating party food and getting no sleep.  I mean, we are planning my nephew's 10th birthday party.  He is number 6 and he LOVES Dinosaurs.  He asks lots of questions in an attempt to satisfy his curiosity and has a keen attention to detail.  Which means the Jurassic World party we are putting together has lots of elements which all need to be just so! 

Here's a 6 word story for you... There's a triceratops on my table!

In a few weeks, I will start a Party Central Series where I will give you all the info on the three parties that I have put together this year.  For now, you will have to make do with browsing through my Party Pinterest Boards.  I create a new board for every party that I plan as well as two other general "parties and events" boards where I pin things I like but might not fit with a particular party theme.  My inspiration usually comes from Pinterest... but I have a few go to websites too. 
Art/ Rainbow Party (5yo girl)
Frozen High Tea (10yo girl) - check out the blog posts here
Nerf Party (13 yo boy)
Jurassic World Party (10 yo boy)
Pretty Things for Pretty Parties (every event from Weddings to Birthdays)
Birthday Party: Plan it in a Week! (quick and easy party ideas)

That's all for now.  I'm too busy to write anymore! 

There is so much to do!!