Friday, February 24, 2017

2017 Goals: How's it going so far?

In late January, I wrote a list of goals for 2017 and I started planning how I was going to reach this goal.  It's about a month since then, so let's check in with all the goals and see how I'm going...

This Year, 2017, I will…

Quit… eating because I’m bored, sad, angry, frustrated or confused.

I am doing very well with this one.  I did slip up twice.  Considering how many times I have one of the feelings listed above or similar emotions that make me want to hide in an endorphin fuelled cave of avoidance, only two slip ups is a huge victory.  I haven't conquered the emotional eating mountain... but I'm on track.   

Eat…   three balanced meals and two snacks at least 6 days a week. 

I am getting there on this one.  I am not snacking, except the days that I am at school and I need to have something quick to get me through until I have a chance to really sit down to a meal.  The balancing of the meals is improving compared to my previous diet, but I'm not quite there yet.  That's okay. 

Start… exercising for 30 minutes, at least 4 times a week.

Wow!  I don't think I have even made it through one week of this.  The heat is a good excuse but not a great reason.  I am working on it.  On the plus side: I have started looking at exercise routines I can do in my home in the air conditioning.  I have increased my incidental exercise... that is, I'm moving more in my everyday routines.  I'm taking an extra lap of the house to pick up mess, before going to bed.  I'm taking the stairs at work instead of using the lift.  I am lifting boxes and tyres and other household items instead of leaving it until my nephews or brother in law come over to help me.  I'm getting there.

Visit… family and/or friends once a month.

This one is going very well, so far.  I went to my sister's house last weekend and spent some time with my cousin who was visiting.  My aunty and uncle came over and some other cousins came over.  Despite my deep desire to hide in the bedroom and go to sleep, I got myself together and I walked out to the lounge room where they were.  I sat, I listened, I talked, I was social and while it was tiring, it didn't actually hurt.  This is a good start.  Technically, I have fitted three visits into one month so that means I don't have to do any more visiting until April.  ;) I jest. 

Accept… that I cannot fix everything. 

This one is tricky.  I'm on track though.  There have been several times when a problem has arisen and while I have tried to solve it, I have been able to accept that I can't fix it on my own and doing something (no matter how small) to make the situation better (while not fixing it completely) is better than doing nothing.  I am feeling good about this goal because so far, I'm doing well.  The reason this one is tricky, is that it will be an ongoing, almost daily, effort to remember this fact and accept it.  Accepting this won't be a one off activity. 

See…    Melbourne in real life.

This one is in the planning stages.  I have chosen the week on the calendar when I plan to go.  I am saving the money.  If I don't have enough money to truly enjoy it by the date on the calendar, I will postpone it.  I'm saving.  I'm planning.  I'm researching. 

Learn… at least 12 scripture passages by heart. 

I have learned one.  Colossians chapter 1:11.  I am working on Psalm 23 and I'm almost there.  I have chosen a few more scripture passages that I want to learn.  So, I'm going with "on track" for this one too. 

Give… to Christian Missions overseas and in Australia (12 times or once a month).

I am already donating once a month to a Day Care Centre in Tanzania, through the Salvation Army.  I'm looking for organisations that are working in Australia.  I need to do more research.  I am thinking that the Just Brass program (also through the Salvation Army) might be a good cause.  However, I know it's important to give to other missions as well. 

Be…   Quiet.

So I can prove that I am doing well at this one.  I'm not going to say anything more about it. 

Grow… spiritually by reading my Bible 5-7 times a week and attending church at least 3 times each month.

I am on track for three times a month with church.  Sometimes the attending church thing is out of my hands, as I have to rely on Mum to give me a lift.  If I have enough notice I can arrange to go to church with friends.  If not, I can watch a church service program on one of the three Christian channels we subscribe to with Foxtel.  At least I have a plan.

Reading 5-7 times a week.  I think I'm on an average of 4 days a week.  However, it is becoming a habit that I don't like to miss.  I can tell that I feel gross if I have missed more than one day in a row.  Still, I don't think I'm quite up to 5-7.  The problem here, is that I haven't been recording it when I do read.  I usually write some kind of reflection but I'm not writing the date.  From now on, I'm going to mark a calendar (beside my bed) when I read so I can keep better track of this and know whether I'm actually making progress.  I feel like I am making some progress, but I can't quantify it. 

Invest… in reaching these goals.

I am doing well on some of the goals above.  I could invest more time and money in reaching these goals.  I have been spending money on birthday parties that I have been planning for my nephews and niece.  I need to create a savings plan and stick to it so I can have enough money for my holiday and my charitable donations. 

That's that then.  Now you know how I'm going.  I'm feeling positive.