Friday, January 27, 2017

I Hate the News!

I hate watching it on TV.
I hate listening to it on the Radio.
I hate reading it in the Newspaper.
I hate seeing the pictures and headlines on my Internet Home page.

I Hate the News. 

The News makes me Angry
The News makes me Sad
It makes me Disgusted, Repulsed, Disappointed and Depressed.
The News makes me wonder how we got here.
The News makes me feel like locking myself in my room and never, ever coming out again. 

I Hate the News.

All the News does is remind me that there are angry, evil, sick, power hungry, greedy and immoral people in the world. 
All the News does is give me reasons to believe the worst in people. 
All the News does is make me afraid to trust anyone. 
All the News does is annoy and irritate me. 

I Hate the News.

I don't watch the News anymore and I don't listen to it on the Radio. 
Some people might think that I am choosing to be ignorant when I should be grateful for the technological advancements which allow news to be heard around the world with such speed. 
Those people can watch the news and get over it.  There are enough reasons for me to be sad, angry, disappointed, annoyed and afraid.  There are enough reasons for me to be weary of everyone around me and not trust anyone.  I don't need to watch the news. 

Rant Over.