Friday, September 30, 2016

The Last Time

They say that when someone is dying they have a "last good day". The thing about the "last good day" is that you don't know it's the "last good day" until long after said 'someone' has had a series of terrible days and died. 

The phenomenon of the last good day! 

It is known among palliative carers, nurses, doctors and families of those who have finally succumbed to a long and difficult illness.  It is the reason that you have to appreciate every good moment, every good hour, and every good day because you don't know if it is the last. Don't let the good moments slip by.  Don't let the laughter be forgotten.  Appreciate the simplicity of sitting in silence.  Take photos.  Smile together.  Remember together.  Be together as often as you can.  Give to each other now, because there is no point waiting.  Today could be the last good day. 

When today is not so good.  Try to think of the days that were good and remember that tomorrow might be better.  Don't think that the last good day is behind you.  The last good day could be today.  The last good day could be tomorrow.  Don't wait for the last good day.  Remember, you don't know when it will be and you won't know it until long after it is gone. Try to make everyday the best it can be. Today will be okay. 

Enjoy what you have, when you have it. 

Don't let the last good day be dwindled away.

Don't let the last good day be forgotten. 

Remember it with fondness.  Hold each other in it.  Smile when you think of it.  Don't cry.  It was the last good day and it was wonderful.

Don't think that today could be it, or tomorrow... just be.  Enjoy it and enjoy each other, while you can. 

I'm rambling.  I have been thinking about the last good day.  I don't know if we have already seen it. I don't know if it is yet to come.  I hope the end is near, so the suffering will end.  But then, I want to have another good day.  I want the last good day to be ahead of us.  I hope I didn't miss it.