Friday, September 23, 2016

Stuff My Dad Said...


Me: Okay, do you want the light off and the lamp on?
Dad: No, I want the light off and the lamp on!

Seriously, you can't make this stuff up!


10 Years Ago..

Random Guy: Aunty Flo isn't invited to the wedding because, "we don't like them".
Dad: You don't have to like your family, you just have to love them.

Dad's very wise.  He really is. 


When we were young and my sister or I did something mischievous...

Mum: Talk to your daughter...
Dad: Hello (insert name of daughter here), how are you?



When I was about 9 years old and our family was reading The Bible after dinner.  The story was about Jesus walking on the water.

Dad: "... Peter was awe-struck."
Me: Daddy, what does awe-struck mean?
Dad: Well, they were on a boat, so I suppose it means he was hit over the head with an oar!

I might add, that while my mother found this hilarious at the time, it was several years before I really learned what it meant to be awe-struck.  Thanks for helping me expand my vocabulary, Dad, that was great. 


When I was learning how to become a teacher Dad told me... 

Start with one thing they need to know. Then, tell them the second thing. Then, go back to the first thing. 

Dad knew what he was talking about!


When I did well at school!

Me: Hey Dad, I got 20 out of 20 on my spelling test! :D
Dad: Why didn't you get 21?

The best thing that ever happened was when I was in year 8 and I actually managed to get 21 out of 20 on a test.  There was an error on the marking scheme and one of the questions was worth 2 marks, but had only been counted as one, so the total marks added to 21 instead of 20.  :D I was also the only student in my year level to answer all the questions correctly which was the only reason the error on the marking scheme was noticed by the teacher. 


When I was about 8 and saving all my pocket money in an ice cream container. 

"It's time you learned about a place called the bank."

I say it again, he was wise.


When I was 20 and being a brat...

"Wake up to yourself!"

He knew what to say.


Speaking of his daughters...

I love my girls and I'm proud of them, because while they are not always quiet, they are achievers. 

He loves me and that's all that matters


When one of us was worried and carrying on like it was the end of the world. 

"Go to sleep, everything will be okay."

He was right!