Friday, August 19, 2016

Have you had a pizza delivered lately?

It began as any other Saturday.  By late afternoon, the day was not like any other Saturday.  The house was tidy and quiet.  The TV was off.  Mum wasn't due home for six or seven hours and I was enjoying the peace and quiet by reading a book.  Dad shuffled into the room and suggested that we order pizza for dinner. 
Dad didn't have pizza for dinner very often.  In fact, I could probably count on one hand the number of times I remember Dad eating pizza. 

The dutiful daughter that I am, I agreed and hopped onto the online ordering website for the local pizza place.  My ordering experience was much like it had been all the other times I had ordered pizza- click the button to order, type in your address, confirm your address, select pizzas, select sides, select desserts, confirm order, pay with a credit card.  When the payment has been processed a "pizza tracker" appears on the screen which usually looks like an analog timer- round and as the order is processed the circle is coloured a little more - until the pizza is delivered at your door and the circle is completely coloured. 

This is where things started to get hinky!  The round pizza tracker appeared on the screen and then a window popped up with a photo of a young pizza delivery driver and heading "Meet your Driver, Mitch." After scrolling down it then says "Get to Know Mitch" and reveals three facts about the  guy who was to deliver my pizza: his favourite type of pizza, what he listens to in the car while delivering pizzas and his favourite spectator sport.  Then there was a map and I could see a little red dot moving from the pizza place towards my house. 

I have to admit, I found this a little creepy and a whole lot of hilarious.  I don't care what the pizza guy looks like, if he's wearing a uniform and carrying pizza, then I will assume that he is on the level.  I also don't care what type of pizza he likes, what music he listens to or what sport he likes to watch in his spare time!  It didn't change the taste of the pizza.  Although, he was listening to Taylor Swift, which I found hilarious and it entertained me.  Poor Mitch must get mocked for his taste in music.... he must!

Dad said that while he thinks the whole idea is really stupid, he also commended them on the scheme because he had never heard me talk so much about a pizza delivery in my life time and he hoped never to again! I hate to admit it, but Dad's right... have I ever blogged about a pizza delivery before?  I hope not. 

I thought you might find it interesting.. fascinating... ridiculous... either way... you might still be reading this and that is a whole lot of funny too.  Well, from my perspective it is!

Pizza anyone?