Friday, August 5, 2016

6 words I heard at the Nail Salon

I have to set the scene.  I was getting my monthly pedicure done at the local nail salon.  Two old friends, ladies, bumped into each other at the Nail Salon and caught up over a manicure.  They hadn't seen each other for months so they had quite a bit of ground to cover such as children, grandchildren, houses, husbands, ex-husbands, doctors and pets.  One of the ladies told this story about how her grandson told her that she needed to take it easy because "she is an old lady now" (she's over 80- yes I know this because it was covered in the conversation). This was met with outrage from her slightly younger friend.  "oh, you're not old at all!" she exclaimed.  Later in the conversation the second lady could be heard reassuring her friend once again when she said,

"Old Ladies don't play Bingo."

I had quite a difficult time holding in my laughter and not falling off the massage chair!

The things we hear when participating in public grooming.