Friday, January 22, 2016

The Secret of Awesome Auntiness (Lesson #4 of our How to be an Awesome Aunty Series)

Welcome all  you awesome Aunties in Training.  It won't be long until you can call yourself a fully fledged Awesome Aunty.  You only have this lesson to go. 

For our final lesson, I am going to reveal to all of you the true secret of my success as Most Awesome Aunty in the World!  While all the other lessons are very important, if you try to do any of those without this one, you won't get far at all.  Are you ready? I'm about to drop some serious science on you here, people.  Brace Yourselves....

Be Yourself!
Be Honest!
Be There!

Both children and animals have the unique ability to spot when an adult is 'faking it'!  Don't pretend to care about their dinosaur facts, if you don't care about them!  They will know.  Don't fake a laugh at their silly jokes... they will know.  Don't say you will do something and let them down... they will remember it.  Don't try to be something or someone you are not... they will sense it.  Don't try to be happy, serious, fun or motherly if you are not any of those things.  Be you.  Don't miss birthdays, holidays, soccer games, school plays, concerts or even family get togethers... this is when they see that you care about them.  Be you.  Be yourself!  Be Honest!  Be There! 

Awesome Aunties love their nieces and nephews for the special little people they are, just as they are.  Aunties know everything about the n&n's because the dear mother in this scenario shares everything these kids do with Aunty... remember lesson 1.  Awesome Aunties know the good, the bad, the adorable, the gross and the ugly! Despite this overwhelming knowledge, they love their little buddies more than they can say.  Kids want to know everything about you too. 

I've been guilty of trying a little bit too hard with my Nieces and Nephews in the past and it didn't go well.  They don't care if your present is the biggest or most expensive.  They don't care if you have wipes in your handbag.  They don't even care if you know how to paint their face, make dress up costumes, build cubby houses or play soccer.  They care that you are a grown up who loves them.  That's all. 

I could go on about this one for days and I could back up my opinion with words from many other great philosophers but I won't.  All I will say is...

CONGRATULATIONS!! You have Finally completed the AWESOME AUNTY 2016 Course on AGT.  If you would like your FREE certificate, please leave a comment below, telling me:
1. Something you have learned about your N&N's this month.
2. The easiest or most difficult (you decide) lesson in the series!

Now.... do the Hokey Pokey! 
See you next week, Love

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