Friday, January 15, 2016

4 items every Awesome Aunty Owns: How to be an Awesome Aunty (Lesson 3)

Welcome back Aunties.  You are getting closer to awesome everyday. 

If you haven't checked out Lesson 1 and Lesson 2, click on them to see what else you need to be an Awesome Aunty.

Today, we are looking at 4 items that every Awesome Aunty Owns.  I would even say that the most Awesome Aunties (ahem, that's me) would probably carry these items in their handbag at one time or another.  

#1 Art Supplies
If you have a box of crayons and some paper you pass.  However, any sort of art and craft supplies will delight your little mates (the nephews & nieces or the n&n's).  Items you could include in your Awesome Aunty Art Kit may include but are not limited to:
  • water based paint
  • coloured pencils
  • coloured pens/ markers
  • coloured felt
  • plain and coloured paper
  • scissors
  • sticky tape and or glue
  • stickers
  • stamps
  • craft sticks
  • pipe cleaners and pom poms
  • yarn or wool
  • chalk
  • anything you can think of!
#2 Chocolate or Lollies!

Even if you aren't an Awesome Aunty, you have to be the giver of candy.  It's in the job description.  If you visit the n&n's when they are born the nurses will actually tell you that's part of your job.  This is especially important when your sister / sis in law (the poor kids' mother) goes on some sort of health kick and starts restricting the n&n's diet to foods that come out of the ground.  I would just bury a few chocolate bars so the kids can say the chocolate came out of the ground.  Hehehe.

#3 Little Toys
Anything from spinning tops, matchbox cars, finger puppets, small dolls, to magnets, straws, bouncy balls or pom poms can count here.  Yes, pom poms count as tiny toys as well as art supplies.  In fact, Pom Poms could have their own category as an item that every Aunty should have in the bottom of their handbag!

# 4 Wet Wipes
I don't care how old my n & n's are, I will always have a small packet of wet wipes in my bag.  It doesn't matter if you have an 18 month old diving into a tub of yogurt or a 16 year old eating fried chicken, even the most 'mess free' activity with kids can end up in a disaster.  Trust me, there will come a time when you wish you had some wet wipes in your pocket!  A packet of tissues will get you by in a pinch, but I would rather have wet wipes!
The purse pack of wipes is the perfect size
for Aunties who are only on duty part-time.

There you have it.  Four must-have items for the Awesome Aunty Survival Kit. 

If you don't have all these things at home, see if you can improvise... if not, get out there and go shopping.  Like you need an excuse to go shopping.  ;)

By the way, if you're interested, Awesome Aunt Handbags (like the one pictured above) are available on Etsy.

DFTBA- Aunties