Monday, December 21, 2015

My Sister's boys!!

My sister and I were not great athletes.  She enjoyed playing netball in her youth and when we were both very little girls we learned ballet and tap dancing.  Both of my feet pronate - I'm flat footed- which means that walking is quite tiring at times and I don't run with any kind of efficiency so I was always last in the running races and was not that great at sport.  You experience failure enough times and you realise that there are better things in life.  For example, reading and writing and all those lovely things you can do sitting down. 

My sister has 5 sons.  Her husband loves to play soccer.  So, when the boys came along (they didn't all come at the same time, they are different ages) it was natural that Dad's love of soccer would be passed on to the offspring.  They love soccer.  As soon as each boy was old enough, they were signed up to a soccer club.  I just love going to Saturday soccer- 4 games in a row.... the highlight of my weekend! 

Anyway, do you know how much soccer stuff is nice and square? None of it!! Unless you buy a book about soccer!  These boys don't want to read about soccer, they want to play soccer. 

My sister couldn't have signed them up to a book club? NO.  She had to sign them up for Soccer!

Do you know how difficult it is to gift wrap a soccer ball?

Check out what I found...

You want to see the result of  my own ball wrapping....?
I'm so clever!! :D
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Our tree looks great this year and surrounded by huge pile of presents!!  Wrapping seemed so much easier this year, although my back is very sore, now!!

Just for the record... I LOVE DOUBLE SIDED TAPE!!!