Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Best of AGT: 10 things I learned about Attitude!

This Listicle first appeared on A Great Title on Tuesday 4 September 2012.  It was the post with the most views of all time on AGT.  I’m pleased that lots of people are reading this and I hope it is helping them to look on the bright side and consider their attitude.   Have a great day!

  1.  My attitude is my choice.  My attitude is one of the few things I   have complete control over.
  2. The attitude of the people around me is their choice.  I can’t control it or change it.
  3. I do not have to be influenced by the attitude of those around me.  Their attitude certainly affects mine, but I am in control.
  4. If each letter of the alphabet was given a numerical value according to order (e.g. a=1, b=2 z=26) then the only word in the English language that equals 100 is ATTITUDE.  Go and try it.
  5. When an adult is having a bad day, it is not an excuse for having a bad attitude.  For example: I have been having a few bad days and as a result there have been certain “actions” of a certain “deputy principal” that have been bugging me.  But, I don’t go and yell at him or swear at him or call him names.  I am not rude to him when we converse. 
  6. If I did choose to use my “bad day/s” and his “irritating actions” as an excuse for poor behaviour, I would probably lose my job.  At the very least, I would be burning bridges between myself and a friend (as well as a respected colleague).  A bad attitude is very unprofessional.
  7. When students have a bad attitude, the teacher can’t change it.
  8. When students have a bad attitude, their teacher has a responsibility to HELP them turn it around.  Teachers can model the behaviour that goes with a positive attitude.
  9. Attitude is directly related to respect.
  10. Having a positive attitude is hard work but is certainly worth the effort.