Friday, October 2, 2015

Look what I made

I promised that you would see the card I made for Mum for Mothers' Day.  I have also made cards for my sister, nephews, my dad and some work colleagues.  I have a lot of decorative paper- I bought them for some reason.  Anyway, I decided that I better stop buying craft and card making supplies and start using them instead.  So, this year, I am not buying cards, I'm making them. 

I would give you step by step instructions with each card image, but it really wasn't that complicated and I just stumbled through it myself.  If you are new to the card making thing, my advice is to look at various websites and use Pinterest to keep images of the cards that you like, then use them to inspire your own designs.  That's what I have done. If you check out my board you will quickly see the inspiration of my own cards. 


Click here to see my Pinterest board of card making inspiration. 

The "crooked" card I made for mum!

Birthday card for my brother-in-law.
Balloon paper, Happy Birthday paper, a circle cutter, scissors, glue and a Sharpie!
Easy as pie!
I'm particularly proud of this one.  A 'good bye' card for one of my bosses who is going to another school for the rest of the year (then going on leave).  We anticipate that he will return next year. 
I made this for a work colleague who is off on long term leave which will probably be followed by retirement!

Front and Inside of the card Shelly (and I) made for my dad for Father's Day.

Another in the Fathers' Day collection.  For my Dad, from me!

Birthday card for my nephew: made from a card template and Kmart washi tape.