Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The last time... for now

The last instalment of posts about what I have managed to do over the past 30 years.  This doesn't include everything.  Let's do it!

Travel Highlights... continued from yesterday!

I love travelling alone.
I went to Sea World on the Gold Coast, Australia.
Dad took me on this ride when I was about 4. I remember hanging on very tight to my Daddy!

I am so blessed and for that reason I am able to help others.  Here are a few things I have been able to do - only through the abundance of God's provision for me.  I am not trumpeting my generosity here.  I hope you see that I am only saying that I have had the opportunity to do these things because God has provided for me and for that, I am very grateful!
I think we all change the lives of people we meet and
we often don't know how our actions and words manage to change
our world and the people around us. 

I gave them enough for a happy meal.  But you can't do any better than a happy meal!

I am not going to tell you where or who or which organisation.  I am just going to say that some of my donations are regular contributions made monthly to support overseas and local charities as well as one off donations to various organisations as I am able. 

I'm not going to give you too many details on this one.  I just know that there is at least one young lady who has looked up to me as a role model.  I hope that there are more who have crossed my path and been inspired or encouraged to be the best they can be.  If so, that's awesome! 

I wouldn't have been able to be generous if I hadn't been blessed with the next item... 

Yes, I am doing my dream job.  That doesn't mean it is easy. 
That doesn't mean I don't have bad days.
It means that I know I have a purpose for which I am called and
I am lucky enough to get paid to do it!

To finish off, here are some random (and maybe a bit silly) items, but they have appeared on others' bucket lists and I have actually done them.

That's that then. 
Who says I missed out?!