Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Holidays are Over... =(

By the time this is posted I will starting my first day of Term 4 at school.  That means it's time to review the "To Do" List and see what I have actually achieved.  It is important to celebrate success.  I hope there is some success to celebrate. 

1. Walk at least 6 times.
I managed to walk 12 times!  That should count as credit for the next item. 

2. Do my Yoga video twice
This one didn't happen.  Perhaps I will do it before school officially goes back.

3. Clean out the Linen closet

4. Complete and Lodge my Tax Return

5. Visit the Warra Animal Shelter to finally deliver the donations that are filling up my house.
The donations are ready to go, but we haven't quite got to the shelter yet!  I am hoping Mum will be able to help me with that this week.

6. Catch up on the medical appointments
I went to the Specialist and the Physio but there are still two medical professionals on the list.  Oh well!

7.  Do more tidying up in the back room- this room is going to take forever to get right!
I put more stuff in the back room but I didn't do a lot of tidying.  Oh dear, we were doing so well and it seems the wheels are falling off the wagon. 

8. FINISH organising my bedroom
Oh, I did that! =)

9. Spend time with THE kids.
I did this one too! =D

10. Catch up with some teacher friends
I caught up with one teacher friend for lunch and another friend on the phone.  While I didn't get to everyone on the list, I am ticking this one.

11. Have a PJ Day
Yep, I did this too!

12. Blog

13. Set up my Teacher Folder for Term 4
It is as set up as it can be.  So this one counts as a tick too!

14. Go Shopping - clothes, storage, stationery
I went shopping last week.  I bought two tops for work, a few storage items and some stationery.  I also bought stuff for my prize box at school, craft supplies AND Christmas gifts.  I'm ahead of the game on this one.  =D

That's that then!  I am going with mostly successful.  The jobs to catch up on should fit into my weekends between now and December, so I'm okay with that.

More to come, More to say, Always More.