Friday, October 9, 2015

# 7 came to play

This morning, Ms 3yo (7th of 8), woke up early.  She told her mother that after Kindy she was going to Grandma's house to play with M.  How cute is she?!

Not long after Ms 3yo arrived this afternoon, we had a conversation about her new shoes.  This picture is the closest image online that I could find.  Below the picture is a recount of our exchange. 

Me: wow, did you get new shoes?
#7: yep! Frozen shoes!
Me: Frozen?  Are they cold?
#7: (bends over and touches the toes of both shoes for a moment before saying) no, they hot.

I laughed out loud!!

Just now, we had another exchange about the infamous shoes. 

Me: "hey #7, where are your shoes?"
#7: I don't need them.
Me: (LOL) but where are they?
#7: I don't know.
Me: can I take a photo of your shoes please?
#7: okay. :D
Me: can you get them for me please?
#7: Uuummm... they are at the door. 

They are NOT at the door. 

Oh well!  I better go find Shelly.  She doesn't enjoy visits from the children as much as I do.