Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Greatness From Shelly

Dear Human Mum, 

Thanks for all the toys, you get me from the shop, 
But, my favourite toy is a clear and plastic bottle top.  

I'm glad that I can call you "Meouwm" and you brought me to live in your house. Your bed is really comfortable.  The brown leather-look cube that sits in the corner is a great place to perch or flop on. The box with the cushion that you put in the wardrobe is okay, but I prefer to sleep in higher places. Under your bed is a great place to hide and that blanket with the puppies that drapes over your chair, is warm and soft. It's not only great for curling up on at night, but the way it hangs down makes it a perfect hiding place!  I can crawl under your chair and hide behind the quilt without you even knowing.  Your house is great!! 

It isn't just the furniture and the boxes and the suit cases and the clothes that you let me play with - it's like a kitty cat playground - but you do an excellent job of looking after me.  I can go poops in a litter tray in the house and play outside.  Sometimes, I get so hungry that I think my tummy is going to shrivel up into a raisin, but you are getting better at feeding me before that happens.  It isn't that hard you know, Meowm - my hungry song is loud and long and ends with a nip or two.  I know you're only a human, but surely that isn't too hard to decipher.  

I do love you Meowm! You're soft and squishy and get excited by the cutest things.  I mean, it's a piece of string for goodness sake.  But if that keeps you occupied and stops you from wanting to pick me up and carry me around the house like a teddy bear, I can handle that.  I can play along with that game.  But the ribbons... you can give me ribbons whenever you like!!! 
Anyway, it's time to go outside and roll in the grass before bed time. 
Love ya Meowm! 
Tag, you're it. 

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