Monday, April 7, 2014

A Great Lot of Contemplation!

Day 3 of the April vacation and I have been thinking.  The thing is, when I’m on holiday I have far too much time for silent contemplation.  I lie in bed with my eyes closed and remember the past.  If only, I could forget it.  I sit in my ikea chair in the corner of my bedroom and I look at nothing in particular as I wonder what to do next.
I have grand plans.  I have learned from experience that grand plans often end with grand disappointments.  Therefore, I take my grand plans and make them smaller, simpler and a whole lot less grand.  Then, I am far more likely to have some grand feeling of achievement.  You see what I mean? The fact that I have thought this through, enough to put it in a blog post, proves that I spend too much time thinking ridiculous thoughts.

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