Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Junior Soldiers Prayer Series Part 3

I realise it has been a little while since I posted the last entry in this series but patience is a virtue.  It has also been quite a while since we have met as a group and so much has happened.  For now, I will simply tell you about Week 2. 

Week 2: Praying for our Church Family

During week 1 (click here to get more details) we discussed the beginning of Ephesians 6:18 so week 2 was all about the second part of that verse.  The first part of the verse tells us that we can pray anywhere, any time, about anything.  The second part tells us that we should always pray and to pray for our fellow Christians all over the world.  We had already used a world map to place "sticky hands" on various countries that we prayed for during our lessons.  It is hard to explain who 'saints' are sometimes so we talked about praying for the Christian people all over the world and especially in our own church. 

We started out with the same game from our previous lesson, with a focus on people in our church.  I wrote the names of prominent people in our Church on cards.  The kids chose one card at a time and they gave us hints/ we asked questions to see if we could guess whose name was on the card.  The boys had enjoyed this game so much that we had to play it again!  It was quite interesting to hear the boys describing people in the church and the sort of things they notice about the adults.  LOL!

We made created another poster this week.  I wrote the focus Bible verse in the middle of the paper, with a title saying "We can pray for our church family".  You can see this in the picture below.  

Then the kids had several purple papers and several orange papers.  On each paper they drew/ wrote the name of a person in the Church.  We talked about the different situations of those people (leadership positions, relationships, families, jobs) and how we could pray for them.  The boys also suggested Christians from further afield such as missionaries, Junior Soldiers from other countries and Christian organisations around the world.  We made links to the people in our family and the people in our church and how we all look after each other.  The boys love drawing and "making" so they loved this activity.  

Next time... Prayer Rocks and our Ebenezer.  

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