Sunday, June 23, 2013

Inspiring Inspired Inspiration

Today I'm linking up with Carrie's Wordy Wednesday today.  Unfortunately this week's prompt was even more difficult than the previous one!  The main reason I struggled: inspire is a strong word.  I'm not sure that there is only one person who inspires me.  I'm not sure that there is someone who has inspired me more than the other people who inspire me.  So, please accept my slightly twisted response to this prompt.  

"Who inspires you? Write that person a letter and tell them about the impact they have had on your life."  

Dear Students, 
You are all unique and come with such diverse stories.  You walk into school everyday knowing that much of what happens in the classroom will be over your head.  Yet, you still come to school.  You inspire me to keep at it.  You inspire my frustration.  Your actions cause me to question my knowledge and skills.  Your words force me to reconsider my words.  Your anger causes me to stop and question.  Your needs inspire my sorrow.  So many of my days have ended in tears because of your heartbreak.  You inspire my work and my planning.  My tolerance is inspired by you.  I can deal with many difficult adults because it is more important to turn up for school and teach you.  There is so much you have missed; so many things you need before you leave school and enter the real world.  Therefore, I put all other things aside and I teach.  I do everything I can to give you a chance to learn.  Often you don't know how hard it is for me.  Often you don't care.  More important than your difficulties, more important than my frustration, every now and then, I see that look.  I see you understand and I am inspired. 
Thank you
Miss H

Not my best, but it will do.  

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Carrie said...

I love your take on this, and I love how mentioned how the students inspire your frustration. I guess there are lots of ways we can be inspired, and I hadn't really thought of that when this prompt jumped into my head. I appreciate your spin on this!

Thank you for linking up! :)

M said...

Thanks Carrie, I am really enjoying your writing prompts and they are certainly stretching my writing skills. Keep hosting and I will keep linking up! :D