Wednesday, May 8, 2013

One of "those" teachers

Yesterday, I caught myself doing something.  No, it isn't strange that I was active.  The 'something' that I was doing was a thing I promised myself I was not ever going to do when I became a teacher.  

The class teacher was at the front of the classroom teaching (funny that..) and there was a child facing the back of the room (where I was sitting).  He was smirking at a friend.  I tilted my head forward and peered at him over the top of my glasses.  I frowned and furrowed my (very bushy) brows as I caught his eye.  His face dropped.  My eyebrows climbed and my eyes flicked towards the front of the room where the teacher was still teaching.  The student turned to face the teacher.  All of that took less than ten seconds.  Unbelievable.... Inconceivable. 

Many will say that a simple look is the ultimate teacher tool.  "Save your voice," they would say.  But I never wanted to be 'that teacher'... the one that can scare with a stare.  I was going to be the one who would inspire with a smile.  But apparently that is not the way the world works at times.  I suppose I will get over it. I don't mind the idea of having a 'look' or two that are easily interpreted by the kids BUT... I was LOOKING OVER MY GLASSES!  I'm not just the scary teacher... now I'm the OLD scary teacher!!! 

It is a Sad Day!

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