Saturday, May 11, 2013

JS Prayer Series Pt 2

Hi everyone,

I have just finished organising the Junior Soldier Activities for our special Mothers' Day meeting tomorrow.  There will be a big mess to clean up tomorrow and that is all you are going to hear about that for now.  

Our adventures in learning about Prayer have been loads of fun and I have been promising highlights and photos for a while. Today I will be deliver.  

Week One: What is Prayer?

We have talked about prayer together before and have even prayed together as well.  The lesson started with an amalgamation of two games.  Pictionary coupled with 20 Questions meant that the game had some variety and we played the 'game' for much longer than we usually would have managed.  There were two different colours of paper squares (fairly small).  On the purple squares I wrote the names of people we knew well, such as our Officer (minister), the kids' parents.  On the orange squares I wrote communication objects such as a telephone, mobile phone, laptop computer, postcard.  When they pulled out a purple square the kids had to tell us it was a person and we had to ask yes/no questions until we could guess which name was on the square.  If an orange square was pulled out, the child would draw a picture of it so that the rest of us could guess what object was on the square.  We had quite a bit of fun with this game. 

We then talked about prayer as communicating with God.  We also talked about how the games restricted the ways that we got our message to our friends, there were rules we had to follow.  Even though Jesus taught us how to pray and there are lots of verses in the Bible about the right way to pray, we are not restricted in our prayers.  God is our friend and He loves us.  He wants us to talk to Him about anything and everything.  
The poster we created had the first part of Ephesians 6:18 and the words "We can prayer anywhere, any time about anything."

Each of us had three hand print sticky notes.  On each sticky note the kids wrote: a place we can pray, times that we pray and things we can pray about.  All the sticky notes were then stuck on the poster around the Bible verse as you can see below. 

We also made our own prayer rocks and I gave the boys a modified "prayer rock" poem which you will see next time.  At the end of the lesson we shared thank you prayers.  

More next time! :D

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