Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Well, it's no wonder

We all have people in our lives who irritate us, just a little bit.  Sometimes there is just one person like this.  Sometimes that are quite a few of them.  As a teacher, I find that there is always at least one kid who is my least favourite.  They might be constantly seeking my attention, or trying desperately to withdraw.  Strangely enough, the kids who bug me for attention are the ones I try to ignore... simply because they need to learn to amuse themselves sometimes.  They need learn when to seek attention and when to be independent.  I'm don't ignore them in a nasty way... well not on purpose.  I jest. 

Then there are the kids who are rather obnoxious in the way that they try to avoid doing anything.  They try to avoid work, conversation with other adults or participation of any kind.  When they try to withdraw, I tend to start tugging (metaphorically) on their hand to pull them out of their shell.  I sit beside them.  I ask them questions.  I make jokes and try to catch their eye.  I smile at them.  I help them.  

The end of the term is very near... one day to go.... not that I'm counting.  We have handed out the interim reports and completed assessments and evaluations.  Today is parent/teacher night.  I am unable to attend, but there are a few parents who I really want to see so we can talk about their child's progress.  Not all of these, as you might imagine, are for negative reasons.  There are a few kids who have done well and I want to share that with their parents.  

Regardless of who you are, meeting someone's parents is an adventure into their past, present and sometimes their future.  There is a great deal of emphasis on meeting the parents of your girlfriend or boyfriend for the first time.  Do we want the approval of the parents? Do we want to see what our potential life partner is going to be like in 20 years?  Do we fear finding out more than we really want to know about this person's past? 

Meeting the parents of my students (or even talking to them on the phone) is quite an eye opener for me. Their tone of voice says as much as the words.  There isn't much point to this rant.. I mean... post.  I just wanted to share. 

It is no wonder that kid doesn't think I care... they have never met an adult who did.  It is no wonder that kid wants my undivided attention, they don't get that need met at home.  I finally worked out why my class looks like this... Oh well... it isn't the cause that matters....  it is the solution.