Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Latest To-Do List

The Easter/ March-April Break is upon us and thus, the holiday to-do list is back!  Well, actually, I can’t find the old to-do list.  Well, actually, I can’t be bothered looking for the old to-do list.  I decided that the old list would probably depress and demotivate me as I would realise how very little of the last list has yet to be accomplished.  So, fresh start…

To Do this Easter Break

  • £ Pyjama Day (I had two half pyjama days but they don’t count).
  • ü  Specialist Visit
  • £ Physio visit
  • £ Hair Cut
  • £ Beauty Day (manicure, pedicure and a massage)
  • £ School Work: Unit Planning, visit to school, marking (ick), classroom stuff
  • £ Trip to Edsco (SHOPPING! YAY)
  • ü  Sleep in
  • £ Read: “Around the World in 80 Days”
  • £ Read something else… anything else.
  • £ Catch up with a bunch of people… lunch, dinner, movies,
  • £ Take Kid #1 out for his 13th birthday... a story worthy of it's own post!
  • £ Get Organised (that’s a bit vague, I know)
  • £ Work on the blogs… set up future posts and brainstorm future ideas. 
  • £ “Spring” clean the house and clear out EVERYTHING!

In two weeks time, when school goes back you will see how many ticks there are.  But as you can see, I have already ticked off a few of them... the only way to create a motivating list is to make sure some of the items can be checked off immediately.  


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