Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Laminating is Fun

Today, I pulled out the laminator and got her up and running. Yes, she is a her.  It is amazing what a lack of sleep will do to a person.  It is also amazing what a looming deadline will do to help you find your motivation and your voice.  I am moving, the fingers are tripping over the keyboard and soon they will be dancing, but for now, the tripping is enough.
As in all things... there is mess.

Being the awesome teacher that I am, I have already started preparing for the beginning of the year (hence the use of the laminator). I laminated the bookmarks that the BFF gave me for my birthday.  Then I laminated some coloured paper circles for a new display in my new classroom.

By the way, can you guess, by looking at the picture, what movie these bookmarks pay homage to?   

That's right.  The Princess Bride.  I'm currently reading the novel and loving it.  More on that later (if you want to read a review click here).  Anyway, the BFF got the graphics from a picture that I pinned last year.  She printed it and used them to make these very cool, customised bookmarks. She also added quotes from the film.  I love that they are the only bookmarks in the world like them.  You can't get this in a store people.  

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