Wednesday, December 12, 2012

so much time and so little to do....

Strike that... reverse it!

I have two days left of the school year AND so very much to do!

During my last post, I promised that I would be posting more frequently as soon as report cards were done.  What a pipe dream that was.  My reports were finished on Saturday, although not officially approved and edited until Monday.  It was my birthday on Sunday and it was probably the best one yet. My BFF is indescribably awesome! But back to school on Monday and the world began to spin at double speed.

I turn up to school and am told that my head of department is away.  Not usually a big deal, but I had some urgent questions for her and they were simply going to have to wait.

Morning briefing ended with the head of supervision for the day making a very confusing announcement which sparked a huge explosion of tempers in the Special Ed department.  The story is so incredibly long and silly that I don't think I can tell it.  But, I should probably explain a little bit.  The announcement was a sweeping generalisation and a schedule for the day was handed out, which was also a little misleading. The SEP teachers, being as special as they are, misunderstood what happened and due to the level of stress they were already feeling they kind of lost the plot.  My head of department being away and our next senior teacher was otherwise occupied.  Therefore, it fell to me, to    explain the situation to the exploding staff, calm them down, find information and liaise with our deputy principal in order to settle everything down.  An hour later (so it is about 10:30am) I returned to my desk having achieved exactly zero of the items on my "to do" list for the day.  GGRRRR.

Left with just one more hour before my supervision roster kicked in and my official reporting and planning time was done, I sighed and got back to it.  I swear, the time I spend with my students is actually the most relaxing part of the day.  The time in the classroom supervising other classes is less stressful than dealing with my colleagues and administration demands.  (insert more sighing and growling here).

We get to Tuesday morning and I am informed that there has finally been a concrete decision for me to move classrooms (oh and by the way, you have to be out of your old room by Friday because we are renovating over the holidays... and no, you weren't important enough for us to spend money on renovations while you were still using the place).  Not only is my classroom moving, I have to move to a new staffroom.  I knew a move was probably coming, but I didn't know where I would be and when it would happen.  I'm very overwhelmed.

When I went to explore my new classroom, I'm actually quite excited about the space.  It is a great shape... I will explain why this is important later.  There is air conditioning and it really is a blank slate so I can do whatever I want or need to do.  But exploring my staffroom was a very different story.  I am supposed to use the desk that is already in the room, which is about half the size of my current desk.  Unfair!  There are more people in the new staffroom (did I mention I don't do so well in crowded staffrooms?), there is a limited number of power outlets and I have been told that the shelves are too narrow to put books on because they tend to fall off.  Fabulous!

Do these people realise I am a LITERACY COACH!  I have A LOT of BOOKS!!!

I was given the go ahead to start moving stuff and was told to just put a sticky note on anything that I want to go and that I can even take my whiteboard because the new classroom that I'm going to doesn't have one.  Then I was told, that actually dismounting the whiteboard is "too hard" so I can't take it after all.  Apparently I am allowed to have a whiteboard on wheels... one that is broken and was supposed to be thrown out, but I grabbed just in time.  Thanks guys!  Sorry about the sarcasm.  Did you realise I was being sarcastic?!  I will get help moving boxes from our groundsman, but no help moving furniture.  Umm, hello, half my stuff is furniture!!!

You might be thinking, what is she complaining about, she has two whole days to move.  Let's see what is on the agenda for the next two days of school.... I have a whole day of supervision.  So Thursday is OUT.  Friday from 1pm-3pm I have to attend the end of year staff celebration (you might think this sounds dumb and it does but I really do have to go).  So, I have about 3-4 hours left to move.  But, I also have to submit some planning for my first teaching units next year, file the student work and reports for this year, clean up the classroom I am in, organise gifts for my teacher aides, and the killer... design/plan/organise/send for consultation/edit/check a 90 minute professional development workshop for the first Student Free Professional Development Day next year.  (sob sob)

Anyway, two days to go, so very much to do and so very little time to do it in.  Hopefully, next week, I will not feel so stressed and be able to blog about happy things.

Now, where are my pain killers?

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