Sunday, December 16, 2012

From the Bear's Paw

Hagrid Here.

M promised that she would be blogging every day from 15 December until 25 December.   She slacked off yesterday and then roped me into covering for her today.  But that’s okay, because I have been bursting at the seams to get to the keyboard and fill you in on all the crazy that has been happening at our place lately.

When M says she is busy, I’m not sure that you really get how busy she has been.  The hugs have been very few and very far between and I was feeling quite neglected.  But THEN it was M’s birthday and the BFF dressed me up with balloons and I got to go to the party!
It was loads of fun.  I got my photo with everyone and there were lots of big bear hugs.  I thought it was pretty cool, considering it also happened to be our two year anniversary.  You see, I came to live with M on her birthday two years ago.  We have had our ups and downs and I seem to get blamed for stuff quite a bit.  But I love living here with her and the BFF.

What do I get blamed for?  Well, M ate the last of the chocolate and she blamed me.  The BFF scared M one day when she came home early and she blamed me.  I hope these girls realise that I’m usually innocent!  I have to admit, that sometimes I might have had a hand in the mischief and I was the brains behind it on more than one occasion!  But that is entirely beside the point.  You have to realise, that there is very little I can do on my own.  I rely on my minions you know!

 I’m very excited that M is on holidays.  She already looks way less scary and I am getting more cuddles too.  The plan for this week includes sleeping in, wrapping presents, having a sleepover with kid number four and just a bit of last minute shopping. Best of all
NANNY’S coming! M has so much to tell you.  I promise I will make her do the talking tomorrow. 

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