Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Lights and DVD Movies and Sleepovers

The joy of holidays is not being stuck to a plan!  Im finally beginning to relax and It is glorious. 

Last night, Nephew number 4 came over.  First, we went out with Grandma and Nan and number 2.  We took a driving tour around the neighbourhood to look at all the Christmas lights.  The tour ended at a local church that is open every night in December with a huge light display on their front lawn.  They also have stalls selling glow sticks, sausage sizzles, donuts, ice creams, books and handmade crafts.  They have singers and bands play in their main auditorium and the prayer room is set up with activities so people can read Bible verses, pray, or decorate a tree.  The Church has a Christmas Tree set up with a theme from every country in the world.  There are stuffed toys dressed in Santa suits and church members dress up as Shepherds.  We take the children there every year and they love it. 

It was very late by the time we all got home and into bed! But you know that already as you can tell what time I finished blogging last night.

This morning Number 4 woke me up and thankfully was happy to play with the blocks until the BFF got up and made him breakfast.  I love the BFF!!  We watched movies and coloured in and I made some bows for my gift wrapping.  4, was a delight for most of the morning, until we had a bit of a meltdown over shoes and socks.  It amazes me what this kid reacts to and what seems to slide off his back.  All kids are different.  I also found it interesting that 4 didnt want to watch the Dinosaur movie.  Dont get me wrong I didnt want to watch it either, but it is usually a favourite when the kids come over.  They will often pass up the other kid focused animated flicks to watch Dinosaur over and over again.  I have quite a few kid movies and I try to keep up with at least a few recent releases as well as some old ones, but Dinosaur often wins over the others.  I love introducing the kids to old movies (the ones I watched as a kid) and watching their reaction. 
Anyway, we watched Nim's Island and Evan Almighty.  Both are films that I havent seen in ages (despite having them on DVD) and I had forgotten how good they were.  I really enjoyed the animal fun in both movies.  Jodie Foster plays the agoraphobic writer, Alex Rider, who overcomes her greatest fears to help her biggest fan, a little girl alone on an island in Nim’s Island.  Evan Almighty is the spin off film of Bruce Almighty.  I have to say, I think I enjoy Evan Almighty more!  The soundtrack is my kind of daggy, there is zero swearing and no sexual innuendo (things that really ruined the whole concept of Bruce Almighty).  I cant help thinking about the life lessons and Christian messages that might be squeezed out of Evan Almighty.  Some may think that this watered down modern version of the Bible Story is overtly Christian.  While God is a real person, there are real (rather than veiled) Bible references and conversations about faith and prayer, the message is more environmental and moral than Biblical.  But, it is clever and sweet and a bit of a laugh on a holiday morning.  It kept number 4 occupied for a while and for that I was grateful. 

After the DVD viewing, we put on socks and shoes and walked to the local shopping centre (which happens to have a McDonalds beside it).  4 held my hand all the way, until we got there and he was off on the playground quicker than I could say, keep your shoes on!  After about 45 minutes of playing and eating and chatting and standing in line, we headed home, with a plan.  4 and I built a cubby house! I will tell you more (and show pictures tomorrow).  But for now, I will simply say, not many kids have an Aunty as awesome as me!!

After 4 was packed up and picked up by his Dad, I flopped on the couch and slept.  I slept and I slept.  I slept for hours!!! Being awesome is hard work you know! 

Thats that then. 
“Today was good, today was fun.  Tomorrow is another one.”
~Dr Seuss~
Happy Holidays

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