Thursday, December 20, 2012

All Wrapped Up!

I promised more wrapping for today and finally I have a few photos ready to share.  I hope you all appreciate the late hour!

The Sorting System

Start the Season by taking Stock!  The advice from Older and Wisor’s latest gift wrapping inspiration series (Pimp Yo’ Presents) is that we should use what we have.  But you can’t do that unless you know what you have.  It also helps to make a list of what you already have and a separate list of any other stuff you need.  This applies to presents as well as wrapping paper, ribbon, sticky tape and scissors.  I can’t tell you how many times I have bought sticky tape, paper and gift tags only to come home and find that I already have three rolls of Christmas wrapping paper, ten rolls of sticky tape and no ribbon!  Or I buy gold ribbon and silver ribbon, only to come home and discover that I have plenty of gold ribbon, but really need red ribbon.  You get the idea.  Hence, I made a huge mess and two lists yesterday. 

Next you need to make another list: who are you giving gifts to this year?  Also write down if there is a spending limit (some families make such a decision together long before November, or you might have placed a cap on what you can afford for each person).  If you can do it before you go shopping, decide what to give each person so that you are focused when braving the shops.  It is easy to go overboard or get frustrated when you don’t have a clear plan in mind. 

Now, when you start sorting, you might think that you are handling gifts two or even three times.  But trust me, if you don’t have time to wrap everything at once (or you simply don’t have the stamina), this is a much easier way to go! 

Use old shopping bags and sticky notes.  Label one bag for each person you are purchasing a gift for.  When you have purchased it, put the gift in that bag, secure the top of the bag and place in the present box.  You will end up with a box of (what looks like) old shopping bags piled up and shoved in a corner.  We all go to different events around the holidays and some presents will need to be wrapped before others.  As each event draws closer pull out the gifts only related to that event.  Wrap those, and place under the tree.  If you aren’t inclined to be really ahead of time, or you know that you will only have time/ stamina to wrap a few presents at a time, then pull out ONE bag from the box, get out your wrapping caddy and wrap that gift.  If you feel up to it, or you have time, pull out ONE MORE bag and wrap that gift.  Paper scraps and sticky tape disasters go back in the old shopping bag that has now become the bin for the day. 

The Wrapping Caddy

front view
This is designed to make life easier.  You can see from the pictures below (one from every angle) that your caddy can have any number of useful wrapping/ card writing tools in it.  Hopefully, it is fairly obvious that the point is to put everything that you need for gift wrapping in one place.  It is small and easy to take with you to any part of the house (great for when you have to hide in the corner of the bedroom to “help out Santa”). 
A shoe box or pencil case could also act as an easy wrapping caddy.  You only need essentials such as: scissors, sticky tape, pen/s, glue stick, ribbon/ premade bows and gift tags.  Extra coloured paper, cards and other craft items are bonuses that might come in handy. 
back view
side view

Last but certainly not least!

Kids are going to love the idea of getting a gift from you. They are going to remember the gift itself and the fact that you gave it to them.  They are NOT going to remember what it was wrapped in.  I know this, because I remember lots of presents I received from people (especially as a kid) and I don’t ever really remember the gift wrap.  It is great to do something fun and original when you wrap gifts.  If you are creative and like to do things different and interesting, then go for it.  But, if it is a huge chore, don’t make it worse by stressing over the size of the bow or whether you made it yourself.  

The kids will love what is inside the wrapping and so will the adults.  By all means, wrap in a way that is noticeable, so that everyone can tell who the gift is from without having to read the tag.  But, don’t spend more time at Christmas folding paper perfectly and fussing over ribbon, when it is going to be torn off in a fit of excited anticipation and thrown in the bin!!

I love wrapping and frankly the pretty is more for me than anyone else.  So, do what makes you happy.  There are far more important things in life than wrapping paper and ribbon!

I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring. 

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