Monday, October 22, 2012

NYR 2012 Themes: EXPLORE

The October Theme for National Year of Reading is EXPLORE.  This one proved quite a challenge for me.  Despite reading the guiding notes on the website (click on the link above), I didn't know what or how to explore this month.  As usual I asked the BFF... because she says that she knows everything.  Then she says "I don't know" so that is nice and confusing for the medicated person.  LOL!

The BFF suggested that I look into choose your own adventure books.  I replied to this quite negatively, as I have a slight problem with this genre.  I am not at all decisive and I end up reading all the possible "optional" twists and turns and then I forget which one goes with which and I completely lose the plot of the story.  I also have a problem with the authors of these books.  It seems to me that they have a problem with "decisiveness" as well.  I can't blame them for that, but pick a path people.  If you want it to end differently, then don't be so lazy... write another book!  

I shouldn't criticise really.  I have never tried to write a "choose your own adventure" kind of story, which proves that I don't really understand what kind of undertaking it is.  I like to relax into a book and let the author tell me the story.  But I guess that is just me. 

The theme notes suggest EXPLORING another genre this month.  I settled on Science Fiction because I have enjoyed Science Fiction television recently, but never actually read a Science Fiction Text.  This is what brought about my "just bite the bullet" impulse purchase of The Ultimate Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.  But as you know, while I was waiting, I ended up rediscovering an old favourite of mine, Steven Herrick.  I explored more "Verse Novels" this month and I started to explore my school library a little more extensively.  This time around, I was looking for books that could peak my interest and give me something light and fun to read.  I found it on the "H" shelf of the Fiction Section and the poor kids don't have any Steven Herrick left to read for the moment.  

Sometimes it is interesting to skip into a different genre every now and then.  I know what I like (most readers do) but I also like to feel like a "kid in a candy store again".  But for me, when I was a kid, I loved to visit the library and I read anything and everything available to me.  I was ready to explore practically anything.  I have read Mills and Boon Romance, Twilight, Babysitters' Club, John Grisham, Nora Ephron, Tom Clancy, Steve Martin, Wendy Harmer, Political Satire, Comic Collections, Junior Fiction, Picture Books, Autobiographies, Fact Files, World Record Books, Education Journals, Music Textbooks, Young Adult Fiction, Magazines, Newspapers and the list goes on.  As a young reader, I loved to hide in the library and found friends among the the paperbacks.  It didn't matter what the books were about, or who wrote them, if it was readable, I wanted to read it.  That is the best way to learn how to be a better reader and the best way to learn what you like to read.  

So, my advice for October, is to get out and explore.  Read.  Read some more.  Don't dismiss it out of hand, but give it a go.  Read something new.  Read something different.  Read to explore the world beyond your work and your lounge room and your family and your friends.  Read to explore the world of words.  Just Read.  

Happy Reading, Happy Exploring.  

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