Sunday, September 2, 2012

Going off the Grid

To My Blog Faithful
(and anyone else who pops in)
I am going off the grid, so to speak, for a while. Probably for about a week.  My Dad went in to hospital last week for surgery.  We knew it was going to happen and although it was sooner than expected, we had a plan.  Dad being Dad, and life being life, the plan was promptly thrown out the window.  To say there are "complications" would be a bit of an understatement.  Dad will be in the Intensive Care Unit until indefinitely.  This could mean that tomorrow he will turn the right corner (rather than the wrong one) and will be back on the usual hospital ward in a few days.  Then we continue with physiotherapy and start looking towards getting him home and well.  But he could turn "left" (hehehe) and then we don't know what will happen.

The doctors have no idea why it is happening this way.  My sister and I kind of expected that this might happen, because Dad tends to heal "differently" to other people and often perplexes his medical teams. We have been here before.

So, who knows what tomorrow will bring.  God does, that's who.  I am placing my trust in the most High God who is bigger than all this mess.  I am so grateful that my earthly father taught me about my heavenly one.  I am a little frustrated.  But I am not worried.  I am not stressed or even very sad.  I am just tired, because watching my Dad (who is my superhero) be so vulnerable, is exhausting.

There are so many scripture verses flying through my mind at the moment and I hear the words of songs that I have sung in Sunday School and at Church.  I am constantly reminded that God is on my side.  He is on Dad's side.  He knows the plan (even if I don't) and whatever happens it will be okay.

I dearly want to share the scripture verses with you, so you can see how I claim my hope and God's promises.  But, it is too hard.  You could visit my Pinterest board where I pin the bible verses and encouraging words that I find on the net and on other people's boards.  CLICK HERE to have a sticky beak.

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