Saturday, July 14, 2012

10 signs it is time to shave your legs!

I will add that obviously shaving one's legs is not the only hair removal option these days.  Also, some people choose no to shave their legs at all and that's okay.  Most blokes don't shave their legs and it is usually a practice reserved for chicks who feel peer pressured into having skin that is smoother and silkier than a baby's bottom.  I would also like to add that once you begin shaving your legs... you have to keep up a regular routine of leg hair removal.  Without further Adieu.... 10 signs it is time to shave your legs!

  1. You don't remember the last time you shaved your legs.
  2. The hair on your legs is so long you can cut them with scissors.
  3. When you get the hair dryer out you need to aim it at your legs instead of your head.
  4. Random little girls ask if they can plait your leg hair.
  5. You bought new razors three months ago and they are still in the packet.
  6. Your legs could be confused with those of a muppet (you know... the furry puppets).
  7. The hair on your legs has started to curl.
  8. When you wear pantihose the hair sticks out the tiny holes.
  9. When he runs his hand up your leg, your boyfriend says "it's so fluffy"
  10. The long pants you wear when you haven't shaved your legs have worn out. 
There you go ladies and gents.  10 signs it is time to shave your legs.  If you can tick off any of these it is time to run a bath and find a couple of razors (because let's face it, one is not going to be enough). 

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend.  I think I will just go and run a bath.  My muppet length leg hair is starting to reach the floor. 

oooooo.... that can be the 11th sign. 

Bye :)

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