Saturday, June 9, 2012

Even When... Even Then

Even when the day is long,
When you can't remember the name of the song.
Even when your tired and sleepy,
When the kids make you feel so crawly and creepy.
Even when the weather is cold,
When you feel as though you're a hundred years old.

Even then, you can get out of bed,
You can face the world and hold high your head.
You can stand in the midst of the chaos and know,
That there is better than this, when with God you go.

So, wake up and go out
Take the day as it comes.
There is no reason to doubt
That God has done all the sums.

He is watching and working
In ways you can't know.
He will get you home
If with Him you will go. 

Perhaps it is a bit corny and child-like.  But, I have been having one of those weeks when things don't seem to be working quite right.  It hasn't been bad exactly... but the kids are a bit crazy, the weather is odd and I'm feeling quite wonky.  So, this poem is the truth.  Someone else has had great success rhyming Wonky with Donkey, so I decided not to go there.  Anyway, sometimes you just have to put it in God's hands and let it be (another successful word combination that I can't steal).  So, consider this chatter from church as well as a thank you from Thursday.  I think the poem illustrates the oddity of my week and of me... so enjoy my dear blog buddies, enjoy.



Beth said...

I've started planning for The Guiding Readers Book Study and you mentioned you would like to be involved. Here is the link to the schedule if you are still interested.


Thinking of Teaching

M said...

Thanks Beth, I will check it out. :)