Tuesday, May 1, 2012


This week I have...
  1. done no washing
  2. slept through the night (first time in ages)
  3. stayed up late talking (it was a different night)
  4. got up on time and made it to the Monday Morning Briefing
  5. lost my stapler
  6. walked the length of our school three times
  7. cooked dinner
  8. worn winter pyjamas twice
  9. found my phone charger
  10. had a good day at work
... and it is only Tuesday night!

I tidied my desk on Friday (last week) and I had a busy weekend.  I have finally taken photos of my classroom.  I am reading three books at the moment and this is a record for me.  I want to share two of the books with you, because I am learning quite a bit from reading them.  NAPLAN is coming and we are soooo busy preparing the year 9 students for that.  I am organising assessment for my classes and tweaking our next unit to fit a much smaller time frame.  The laminating is piling up on our group table.  It is a very busy time.  There is so much bouncing around in my head as well.  So stay tuned.

Now I just have to find the time to get it out of my head onto the screen!!!