Thursday, April 26, 2012

Still looking right

The last time I blogged, I was going right.  It would seem odd if I was still going right because that would be a circle.  Nonetheless, I am at least looking in the right direction.  On the weekend everything seemed to be going wrong, I mean totally not right.  I spent most of Saturday in bed, in pain and in tears.  This made it very difficult to see in the right direction let alone articulate anything that was going right. 

Thankfully, the weekend ended and my week picked up.  So, what has been going right this week?
  • 9C understands modality and they have finally remembered how to write a thesis!
  • The BFF is always running and I think she may get to where she is going one of these days.  I am so grateful that she stops every once and a while to sit with me.  Especially after my sad Saturday.
  • I have found a relaxation technique that seems to work for me... one day I will be brave enough to share it with you.
  • I have a dentist appointment on Saturday... yes this is good news.
  • The literacy meeting went well this afternoon.  I said what I needed to say, lead the meeting and delegated.  What I really want to say is that I was confident. 
  • Nanny got home safely today.  I'm sad that she is not "just around the corner" but I will get over that because she is happy and safe and home. 

That's enough of that.