Sunday, May 6, 2012

Reading to Remember

I mentioned that I have been reading a few books of late that have been teaching me.  We read for various reasons and I won't go into that now.  But regardless of our original reading, I don't think we can read without learning something.  We may not realise it right away, but when we let our reading selves open to new words, we are changed. 

So, you are probably wondering what I have been reading.  I have actually had three books going at once... this is very strange for me.  The book I want to share with you today is Private Atmosphere by Colonel Margaret Martin.  This is a devotional journal and as a result of my journalling when reading this book I have much to say. 

The first two "chapters" of the book focus on the word ALWAYS.  Do we Always have and share the Joy of our Salvation? Do we Always count it Joy when things are not going well?  So, it begins with a challenge.  I was reminded that my actions speak so much louder than my words.  My actions are a signpost to those around me.  My actions will reflect my relationship with God.  What a challenge that is!

Then, we learn that our God is the God of ALWAYS! Not only is God with us Always (Matthew 28:20b) but He Always has been and Always will be.  My God's love and mercies and promises endure forever (Psalm 107:1).  MM (the author) illustrates this by reminding us that the sun is shining always.  Even when all we see is clouds, the sun is above them is always shining.  Even when we think God is far away and we can't see Him... He is there.  He is ALWAYS there.  We can Always have the Joy of our Salvation, because God (of our Salvation) is Always with us.  Praise God!!

I am moving slowly through the chapters of this book as I read it between my usual daily devotional.  Also, while I am finding it uplifting, I am finding it a bit challenging.  I feel the need every now and then to put it down and move away.  While this is probably a sign that I need to put it in my pocket and keep it with me always, I have opted to put it on the shelf where I can see it and it calls to me often.  I said that I am "learning" from reading this book.  But in truth, I am "remembering" what I already know and what God obviously needs me to remember. 

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