Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Parental Tales

Last week I called home.  Dad answered, as he usually does, and I asked how he was going.  He said, "okay, I suppose."  While I expect this sort of response from Dad most of the time, I was concerned because he sounded quite distracted.  I asked, "You sound distracted, what's the matter?" 
"I've been looking for the Rates bill all day and I still can't find it!" Dad answered me.  "Your mother cleaned up yesterday and I think she's moved it." 

The rest of the conversation was brief and boring so we will move on.  I talked to Mum next and she swears that she didn't touch any papers.  They had it out and that was that.  I should probably mention at this point, that Nan is staying with Mum and Dad for a few weeks. 

A few days later, Dad came home from his usual trip to the post office and said, "So Nan, it turns out I didn't lose the Rates Bill after all,"
"How's that?" asked Nan. 
Dad grinned and answered, "It came in the mail today."


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