Monday, April 9, 2012

How to blog. A process story.

I am always whinging that I can not get my mind in the right gear.  I struggle to organise my blog content so I have more or less given up.  I decided to just write.  I still haven't decided which hat I want to put on when I blog.  Who am I today?  teacher? blogger? writer? friend? storyteller? aunt? sister? daughter? who knows?!

When I put on my chosen hat for the day and start blogging, I inevitably twist and turn, lose one hat and put on another.  Then, my blog post becomes a long and winding road of confusing tidbits of information and silly stories that don't seem to be linked in any logical way.  I think that sometimes it's okay to just get it out of one's head and into the ether.  Sometimes it is important to just "get it out" and it doesn't really matter where it ends up.  It doesn't matter if your blogpost sounds more like a proverbial "dog's breakfast" of random status updates from various social media sites.  But, sometimes, well, more often than not, it is really important to get a message across.  When the message is important, the words need to be organised. 
I could sit here and ram all of my last week's stories and insights, discoveries and observations into one long and dizzying post.  Or... I could plan it, title each one and decide what will go where.  I like the latter idea personally.

There is a slight problem.  My hands have already had enough keyboard dancing and trackpad sliding for one day.  Perhaps my real problem is not RSI or lack of organised thought at all.  Perhaps I need to blog BEFORE I get on Pinterest ;)


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