Thursday, January 12, 2012

A late night

The story I began yesterday will be finished one day.  One day, not today.  My writing prompt today is the situation I am finding myself in.  It is a late night.  I like to write my blog posts the night before or even a few days in advance and schedule them so that it appears that I am blogging each morning.  I do this so that my beautifully flowing creative times can feed into the times when I am lost for time or ideas.  But it is late the night before tomorrow and I have not written the morning's blog.  That sounds very DR SEUSS.  I am simply going to write, no editing or revision.  So forgive please my mistakes.   

So: a late night...

She lays in bed, staring at the ceiling.  It is very dark.  She wonders what time it is.  The clock is ticking.  Her feet are sore, they feel heavy and twisted under the blanket. Her back is crooked, or at least it feels crooked.  She turns her head to look out the window.  There is a sliver of moonlight shining through the curtains onto the bed and the carpet.  There is a cat in the backyard.  It looks like it might be a cat.

The cat is curled into a spiral on the grass.  His eyes are closed, head resting on front paws.  His tail flicks upwards now and then.  Moonlight catches on his shiny fur.  Air flows through small lungs as the dozing cat breathes deeply.  His ears prick up as the hoot of an Owl echoes from the tree tops. 

The owls eyes are wide and bright.  Staring into the night they see crawling creatures of the dark.  Feathers bristle in the cool night air and the owl shifts from one claw to the other.  The height of the tree allows for a broad view.  He puffs up his plumage and hoots again.  Quickly turning his head to catch the rustle in the neighboring tree.  A possum stares back at him. 

The possum leaps from the branches and lands with a thud on the roof of the house.  She scurries across the wavy platform.  Reaching the peak of the roof she balances for a moment and looks back toward the garden.  Then turns and continues on her hunt. 

The woman below is startled.  She sits upright in bed and searches the ceiling quizzically.  Then she flops back down on her bed.  "Stupid Possum, I was finally asleep!"

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