Wednesday, January 11, 2012

the ball, the box and the remote control

I asked the BFF to help out with today's writing prompt which I found at lightening bug and modified a little bit.  The exercise was to ask a friend to choose an object and then write about it.  I didn't like any of the objects that the BFF chose, but after the third one I got the impression that she wasn't going to choose another one for me.  I decided to write about all three.  You may have figured out that the three objects are: ball, box and remote control.  This is what happened...

The red ball rolled steadily across the grass and stopped at her feet.  She stooped down to retrieve it.  When she traced the path of the ball with her eyes, she saw a little boy standing at the edge of the playground.  He was a thin 7 year old, standing still as a statue and staring at her quizzically.  She smiled at him.  He grinned back and held out his hands.  She placed it back on the grass and kicked it gently in his direction. He ran for the ball and returned to the game.  Stella continued towards the big tree in the middle of the park.  Where was Danni?  She was always running late. 

Danni jumped out from behind the tree, scaring Stella out of her skin.  Danni was carrying a box.  A big red box. 

Stella took the remote control out of her pocket.  Well, that was the signal.  A red ball and now a red box.  So she looked down at the remote and pressed the red button.  Suddenly, Stella could see nothing but red clouds swirling around her and she was spinning out of control.  This happened everytime Stella pressed a button on the remote control but she never got used to it. 

When the spinning stopped and the red clouds parted, Stella was very surprised by what she saw.  Standing in front of her was Danni looking bewildered and ill.  This was very odd.  Stella had been transported to some very strange places by the remote, but it had never yanked anyone along for the ride.  That's when she felt the hand patting her repeatedly on the back.  She turned to see the thin seven year old boy with a red ball, looking up at her.  What was going on? 

Stella crouched on the ground and covered her head with her arms.  Something was very wrong.  The remote had pulled Danni and this little boy into this fantasy land.  There was no telling what mysteries or strange creatures might be here.  She had to work out what had happened and get them out of here as soon as possible....

You know what? This might have to be continued. 

BTW I have to put in a disclaimer about the BFF.  She is beautiful.  She is incredibly patient.  Apparently, there are times when I convey her as a bit of an impatient cranky pants.  So, I want to reiterate how much we love her.  She is not at all impatient and not at all a cranky pants.  Enough said.

:) M